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In one example of a workplace relationship forming the basis of a sexual harassment claim, Allan Samson hired Joyce Chan as his legal secretary and the two dated for two years.

As we prepare to celebrate our national day of love and embrace the spirit of St.

Whether the question is “want to get a drink after work” or a more modern crude expression, we recommend the following step-by-step approach from the initial ask and response: Step One – Get With the Times: By no means do we intend this article to encourage workplace romances, as they are a huge distraction to both the participants and third-party co-workers who spend valuable time gossiping and spreading rumors, while feeling dissatisfied and distrustful of the lovebirds.

Even more troubling, such corporate connections can lead to sexual harassment, retaliation and other claims of unlawful acts.

Office relationships often also rise out of office friendships, in which mutual trust is already present.

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“You get to see people at their best and at their worst,” says Helen Olen, co-author of . what’s important to you, you get to see in an office.” This differs from casual meetups at bars or online where people may show only certain sides of themselves.Open celebration of one’s race, gender and/or sexual orientation often benefits an employer by means of greater creativity and productivity.Anyone who works for an employer for a regular wage or salary automatically has a contract of employment.Despite company tactics to thwart liability, romance at work is not fading, but it is ever-present and growing stronger.Companies need a practical approach to dealing with modern views toward inter-office relationships, and the fallout from them that can ensue.Valentine that is descending everywhere, employment lawyers have one thing on their minds – Managing Workplace Romances!