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On January 31, 1900, Bright was promoted to Driver Third Class and assigned to Chemical Engine Co.

He was a teamster prior to being hired by the LAFD.

On this date in 1897, the first African American firefighter of the Los Angeles Fire Department was hired. On November 1st of that same year, he was promoted to a full-time hose man and assigned to Engine Co.

George Washington Bright was appointed by the Fire Commission as a call man and assigned to Engine Co.

So you get home to someone who gets it and they ask how your day went you can just tell them, well I run an MI, had a car accident with a pneumo, a symptomatic bradi, and took care of a kid that had a 6 cm lac on his distal forearm. Little longer to explain that to someone who doesn't know. Last, I have to say it is nice to date someone who gets why you do it and why you can be in the middle of something and the tones come and you drop everything and leave.

Someone who thinks that means that you love the job more then you love them because of this, well you tend to grow away from and distance yourself. Someone who worries and tells you about how much they worry about the dangerous part of the job, well that can become aggravating. We have all done it and there are times that you can't just leave that call behind and go on about life.

Both of us agreed that having someone in the same "service" helps you to debrief from work etc but we didn't find much more of pro's and con's for either side. I will speak purely from personal experience and my own opinion so if you don't agree, well that's ok.

We have a different language we speak, especially in EMS.

When you get back to regular life, I have a hard time changing languages.

Kate I have found that the benefits outweigh the the challenges for me.

When I get in my 'mode', in my 'element', I tend to kinda have a hard time coming off of it.