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Reconsolidating car loans

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I'm paying 5 on the hubby car, daughter paying on hers, and 5 on the bike.Would love to consolidate into one loan, possibly lower average rate.If you reduce the number of payments you need to make every month, you are also likely to have lower payment-related expenses.Whether it is fees for payments over the phone, stamps for checks you need to send or fees for electronic payments, reducing the number of accounts you have and the number of payments you need to make can save you money every month!By streamlining your debt, you lower the amount of bills in your mailbox and simplify your monthly budget.Secondly, just as with refinancing, a consolidation may allow you to pay a lower, overall rate of interest.Is anyone aware of a lender that would consolidate these into one loan and therefore one payment?

When you pay down or pay-off some of your other debt with the cash back money you get from Road Loans, you may be able to lower your overall monthly payments.

*Interest payments will be reduced if your refinance APR is lower than the APR on the debt you are consolidating, and the term of your refinance is less than or equal to the remaining term of your existing higher interest obligation.

If you’re having trouble making the payments on more than one car loan every month, combining the loans might help you to manage your finances more easily.

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